Physical Intelligence - Movement Arts in SF with Margit Galanter

Develop your unique voice and bring clarity to your physical practice.

The heart of Physical Intelligence are personalized sessions designed for your specific needs in embodied research, mentorship, and the movement arts. In these sessions, we construct a program that will assess and meet your specific goals through the practice itself. In our investigations, we can draw from multiple sources of knowledge and develop a set of effective, tailor-made practices that you can use in your daily life.


We can develop a practice that works uniquely for you. Many times we are given practices to do, or we try some on and they almost fit, or they fit for a while. Working with our physical intelligences, we can find a way of working that will support your intentions and experience  longterm.

Some of my inspiration for this tailor-made work comes from the late Francisco Varela, a neurophenomenologist who created a project called The Portable Laboratory, a term that arrested my thinking upon meeting the phrase. These sessions are just that – a laboratory that can take place in the location needed, based on a collaborative interest and research. Varela wrote a book called The Embodied Mind, where he defines the practice of experiential and embodied research, a basis of Physical Intelligence. This work additionally aligns with Eugene Gendlin and Don Johnson’s call for a First-Person Science, that scientific research is ready to take into account the people who make it, and that the work is necessarily unique based on the context from which it is created. This act of first person research is embodied in the somaticists and movement research practitioners who are mentors and collaborators. This focus can allow us to both track and map the tools we develop together.

These sessions have focused from far-ranging topics such as guidance in personal physical practice, artistic mentorship, dramaturgy, vocational support and support in life transitions, academic guidance and intellectual enrichment, and hands-on integration of Feldenkrais and Chinese energetic practice. At best, we find clarify the concern and utilize all of our tools to support a vivid, empowered life.