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 Since the mid-eighties, Prapto's moving has delighted and inspired thousands of people who have witnessed, worked with, or been otherwise influenced by his Amerta Movement practice. But what is this non-stylized practice? And what is it about Prapto's work that so touches the lives of artists,  therapists, musicians, dancers, teachers, architects, lawyers, performers, monastics, and laypeople from all walks of life?

In this new book, 30 practitioners from around the world describe the impact of Prapto's Amertas Movement on them, showing how it inspired remarkable insights and changes.  Their stories will be of enormous value to those who are already familiar with Prapto's work AND to all those interested in cultivating an embodied approach to life and work.

Co-edited by Katya Bloom, Margit Galanter, and Sandra Reeve. For U.S. Distributiion, you can go to Contact Editions, or contact me directly at my email.

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