Physical Intelligence - Wild Goose Qigong in Oakland and SF

Enrich your health and expand your movement capacity.

Qigong is a term for a vast array of ancient Chinese and Taoist movement meditations. The exercises have been passed down through centuries, and are both active  (yang) and gentle (yin). Through practicing qigong, you learn an energizing set of  movements that you can bring into your daily exercise, and focused meditations that will help restore your vitality.

At essence, qigong brings us to the movement of the elements, and therefore connects us with the energetics of the earth. “Gong” is translated as work or practice, and “qigong” means to enhance your life force through practicing movement. Qigong works with movement, breath, and visualization to help bring greater harmony to our being.

Margit’s training in qigong has been predominantly in the tradition of Dayan Qigong, or Wild Goose Qigong, which she has been studying since 2001 with her teachers, Micheline Bogey and Dr. Bingkun Hu. Her training is in a direct lineage with Yang Meijun, who brought the family form to the public in China, when she realized it could potentially atrophy. Wild Goose qigong is now practiced throughout China and various regions around the globe. We can learn much from wild geese, whose strength are mighty; they regenerate as they travel in packs for tremendous distances together, care for their ill, and take turns as leaders.

For more information about Dayan Qigong and Yang Meijun, read here. For some more information about Wild Goose Qigong, read here.

Margit has also studied a variety of qigong forms, and incorporates these into her classes as is beneficial for the students. These include qigong from the Wu-Tan lineage, Kuan Yin qigong, Lian Gong, and the Ni family lineage. In qigong, Margit has studied with Micheline Bogey, Dr. Bingkun HuMasahiro, Gilles Marin, and Sat Hon.

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