Physical Intelligence - Dramaturgy and Creative Research

Creative development that illuminates both the process of making and the material made.

In both private and group sessions, I work with people who are developing artistic projects and practices. In this process, we tailor sessions based on the particularities of the project, developing practices that support the artistic work as well as the person who is making it. This embodied dramaturgy and creative research fosters the artistic process, through the many phases of development. It is transdisciplinary and generative, sourced in the rich domain of physical intelligence.

I have worked with a range of professional artists as they hone and cultivate an evening-length work, with artists as they are beginning to develop the seed of a project, and with individuals as they enter into a creative process. My 20 years’ experience in dance-making, improvisation, and movement arts research and practice offers a rich toolbox as the basis for this shared investigation and discovery.

Some examples of this work are my collaborations with Miguel Gutierrez C. Ryder Cooley, Abby Crain, and Macklin Kowal

SFDI 2009. photo by Lila Hurwitz