Physical Intelligence - Curation, Margit Galanter, SF Bay Area

Some primary examples of transdisciplinary curatorial compositions

My curation spans a wide range of projects, from festivals to conferences to performance events. Some recent curatorial projects include:

PPP8 (Spring 2013)

Co-curation with Abby Crain a night of Oakland Performance, organized by the beguiling East Bay Collective, Saltadance:

 Mario Gonzales and Maureen Freehill, Terre O’Connor and Monique Jenkinson, Carol Swann’s umbrellas (photo: Daniel Jeffries)

Words and Deeds (2011 – present)

Words and Deeds: Experiments with Language in the Physical World started as a workshop series produced by Art Workouts at Kunst-Stoff Arts, SF in 2011. After conceiving the project,  Abby and I co-curated the seven-week event, incorporating a multi-disciplinary view on the relation between language and movement. The project is ongoing, and more events will emerge through this dynamic research.



SEEDS Festival (2008 – present)

For the past several years, I have directed and co-curated SEEDS. SEEDS Festival (Somatic Experiments in Earth, Dance, + Science) is an interdisciplinary arts and ecology festival initiated at Earthdance Workshop and Retreat Center, in Plainfield, MA. SEEDS gathers artists, scientists, community activists, spiritual leaders, permaculture practitioners, and more, for a several weeks of workshops, films, lectures, residencies, and performances. SEEDS was co-founded by Olive Bieringa and myself. 2010 Curators: Krista DeNio, Margit, Melinda Buckwalter, and Olive. 2009 Curators: Margit, Melinda, and Olive. 2008 Curators: Jen Harmon, Margit, Mark “Moti” Zemelman, Olive, and Shira Wahlberg. Logo design: Alicia Marvan.

Photo: SEEDS Festival | Earthdance

For more information on SEEDS, check out:

Photos: Sarah Worden’s Refoliation project, photo by Melle Dragon; Hose dance by Karen Schaffman; Suprapto Suryodarmo’s workhop by Sandra Yee; Jennifer Monson by Kenta Nagai; Terre Parker and Kate Bailey.


The Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Project (2007 – 2009)

HLC 2007 Photo small

This conference and ongoing collaboration is an intergenerational, interracial gathering that promotes critical thinking, artistic freedom, and healthy living practices for disenfranchised youth and their communities. This project was a radical coalition co-founded by Julius Ford, Gopi Krishna, and myself, collaboratively organized along with Deborah Ferreira, Nia Akilah Rhaman-Khan Arana, Melle Dragon, and Dr. Enoch Page. Countless other people and organizations offered their support, including its home base and collaborating agency, Earthdance.

New Performance Series (2009)

Co-curated with Christine Cole, New Performance Series produced a creative template of artistic presentation and dialogue to Western Massachusetts at Earthdance. The event was structured with three components: dining, discussion, and dance. Throughout the series or performances offered at Earthdance, I curated a prominent lecturer/artist to present work previous to the performance as an entryway for insight and discussion. Some featured artists and practitioners in the series were Keith Hennessey and Ishmael Houston-Jones, Chris Aiken and Angie HauserKirstie Simson and Patrick Crowley, Amii LeGendre and Edie Meidav, Scott Kellog and Rafter Sass.

Crosspollination (2007)

Crosspollination brought together two forms, BodyMind Centering(tm) and Contact Improvisation (CI), for focused research and practice. Crosspollination was a conference, performance, workshop and archive project co-founded by Christine Cole and myself.  It gathered Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, founder of BMC and Nancy Stark Smith, one of the original progenitors of the form CI, along with prominent teachers in these fields, including Cathie Caraker and Christine Cole. Participants gathered internationally for this unique event at Earthdance.

Movement Research Festival: Open Source (2005)

In 2005, I co-curated the Movement Research Festival with dd dorvilier, koosil-Ja, and Michelle Nagai. The subtitle was Open Source, to match the proposal of projects that opened up various nexuses throughout the city for unusual collaboration and experimental work. The festival was a three-week event that included workshops, performances, installations, workgroups, lectures and discussions live video events and more. The festival took place at venues and homes all around the boroughs of NY, with a festival hub at Chashama (around the corner from Macy’s during Xmas shopping frenzy), and included more than 100 participating artists.

  • For more info on the festival at the MR website, click here.
  • To read an interview on the final Bullyard Bash (performance and discussion) in Critical Correspondence, click here.
MRF 2005 image – ddd/MG