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Tuning Austin + Cave Forms Workshop

May 27 @ 1:00 pm - June 3 @ 5:00 pm

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An Austin Tuning
with Margit Galanter!

We are thrilled to host Margit one more time.
Please join us for this opportunity to immerse in the compositional lens of Tuning!

Tuning Scores are a fascinating mosaic of movement and performance discoveries originated by Lisa Nelson. Tuning scores reveal the basic elements of action, by attuning to the rich details of composition, behavior, and communication, altogether. The games are a multisensorial and kaleidoscopic set of practices that are wildly fun to do. Through the specificity of solo movement warm ups, group dancing, and verbal cues, tuning lays out an approach for performance research that can change how you make, perceive, and do in any creative medium.

Over the course of this workshop, we will move and watch movement. We will encounter our many senses and perceptions. We will develop languages and access memory. We will experiment with timing, movement, touch, and verbal calls as ways to attune our desires and invoke meaning-making in composition. And with these ingredients, we will construct dance and theater in the image spaces we create together. We will develop a mosaic of language and practice together that will build over the days together.

The workshop is organized as a long-weekend intensive followed by a focused practice group. Over the course of the full arc of the time together, we will practice some basic elements of tuning scores so there is a shared language, and from there we will have the opportunity for deepening the research together; through the phenomenal system of feedback and observation, we will develop our own currents, shared together in space.

“There are no images without participation…” -Lisa Nelson

These workshops are useful for people from many fields of practice: dancers, visual artists, poets, performance academics, moms, perceptual scientists, and all interested beings.

For more information about Tuning, see here:

Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm & 7-9pm
Monday 10am-3pm
Tuesday 1-5pm & 7-9pm
Wednesday 1-5pm

Participation Options & Costs

Sat & Sun = $200
Sat, Sun, Mon = $250
Sat-Wed = $325

Sat & Sun = $225
Sat, Sun, Mon = $275
Sat-Wed = $350

Contact Lauren at earthskbody@gmail.com to register for full or partial workshop.
Space is LIMITED.
Payments accepted via check.
Or Paypal to laurentietz@gmail.com – (TO FRIENDS & FAMILY PLEASE!)

Private studio South Austin

Refund Policies:
Full refunds minus admin fee ($35) available until May 6th.
Partial refund minus admin fee until May 13th.
No refunds given after May 13th.




The CAVE FORMS WORKSHOP is an opportunity to experience some of the most potent practices that have developed over two years’ worth of investigations into Margit Galanter’s instigations in Cave Dancing.

Cave Forms is a dance performance project that is mediated through cloth. So, from within, the dancer works with many sensations and new kinds of listening, and as viewer, we witness animated sculptural mounds that reveal the human form from time to time. It is magnetizing. The workshop participants will encounter the fecundity of darkness + stillness as a source for making movement, the powers of opening and closing, of seeing and being seen/scene, and will have time to digest the work we do together through transdisciplinary practices. It’s indeed an experiment!

Cave Forms is: Darkness, no creativity, togetherness, star-gazing, reciprocity, perceptual vibrancy, gathering, seeing and being scene, hermeticism, constellating, channeling.

For more information about Cave Forms, see here:

Friday evening June 2nd 6-8:30pm – $50 (Fri eve only)
Saturday June 3rd 9am-4pm – $100 (includes Fri eve & Sat)

FRI – Private studio South Austin
SAT – Cave ​Field Trip​!​
Margit Galanter is a movement investigator and dance poet living in Oakland, California. Her inquiries range from performance, teaching, and her private practice, to larger-scale cultural praxes. Her unique perspective helps people access the potencies of movement, — through Chinese energetics, the Feldenkrais Method, and movement arts. She instigates procedures, events, texts, and stewards movement lineages such as Wild Goose qigong, Tuning Scores, Material for the Spine, and Amerta.Galanter’s instigations include co-founding long-term transdisciplinary gatherings such as SEEDS, an arts + ecology festival, and the Julius Ford/Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Project, an intergenerational, inter-racial critical arts experience.

Margit is dedicated to the prisms of cultural inquiry, conversation, perceptual vibrancy, and nourishing life.

Art: www.margitg.wordpress.com * Practice: www.physicalintelligence.org


May 27 @ 1:00 pm
June 3 @ 5:00 pm


Lauren Tietz


Austin, TX